Exclusive mini-series ‘Tommy the Little Dragon’ from ‘Toy Roy Media’

The Toy Roy Media company announces the creation of an exclusive mini-series ‘Tommy the Little Dragon’.

Instagram of Tommy the Little Dragon is rated among Russian animated series and major film studios. Toy Roy Media has decided to create an exclusive mini-series ‘Tommy the Little Dragon’ on Instagram.

At the moment, 260,000 people have subscribed to Tommy the Little Dragon Instagram. Toy Roy Media plans to develop Tommy the Little Dragon Instagram by more than 1 million unique users.

Before the New Year, 3 episodes dedicated to this holiday were released.

In a fun way, the beloved hero told the children interesting facts about the history of the new year, about New Year’s traditions and customs from around the world and about his adventures with Santa Claus.

The audience really liked the series, both children and adults. Therefore, it was decided to continue filming educational videos with your favorite hero.

In the new series, viewers will find stories about the heroes themselves, as well as about their prototypes: animals and fairy-tale creatures, which are our heroes. The series is educational in nature. Videos up to 1 minute in length can only be viewed on Instagram @drakoshatosha_official.

The animated series ‘Tommy the Little Dragon’ for children from 0 to 5 years old was created in a vertical format. The author of the idea is the famous writer Oleg Roy. At the moment, 2 seasons have already been released – 52 episodes. ‘Tommy the Little Dragon’ occupies the top lines of the ratings of the most popular and demanded animated series in Russian online cinemas ivi, Okko, wink, megogo, tvzavr, Megafon tv. The series won a silver button on YouTube Russia for its quick reach in building an audience. To date, its total monthly number on YouTube is over 70 million viewers.

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