‘The Adventures of Peter and Wolf’ new episodes premiered on Youtube

Two brand new episodes  of ‘The Adventures of Peter and Wolf have been premiered on SMF Studio Youtube channel.

So, in the new series “The Case of the Rebellious Genie”, the heroes will help the hapless genie hide from his nephew Aladdin, who asks him to fulfill too strange desires, and in the episode “The Case of the Firebird and the King of the Peas” they will calm down the fairy firebird who caused a pogrom at the famous Kunstkamera … 

 ‘The Adventures of Peter and Wolf’ is an animated sitcom about the adventures of a city boy Peter and his magical friend the Wolf, a guest from the universe inhabited by magical characters from tales and legends. Each episode the Wolf drags mostly reluctant Peter into one of his fantastic escapades. Peter tries to keep it all secret from his family, but they inadvertently get involved bringing even more chaos to Peter’s life! The series is full of hilarious and absurd adventures on the crossway between the magical and the real worlds.

For SMF Studio ‘The Adventures of Peter and Wolf’ is an experimental project,  produced  for a teenage audience.

 The author and director of the project is Alexey Lebedev, who is known to viewers as the screenwriter of the popular animated series “Kokoriki” and “Atomic Forest”. A total of 52 episodes are planned for release. The first episodes of  ‘The Adventures of Peter and Wolf’  appeared on  SMF Youtube channel a year ago, and during this time the animated series has gained many fans, who, in addition to the premiere episodes, this time will have another surprise: the Viber messenger presented an official sticker pack with the heroes of the popular project. Now fans of Peter and Wolf around the world will be able to exchange pictures with each other with images of their favorite characters and funny quotes.

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