‘Sport Tosha’ animated series by Yarko animation studio premiered on Youtube

On January 19, 2022   ‘Sport Tosha’ animated series is released on YouTube for the first time! The first 10 episodes appeared on the Yarko Studio channel.

‘Sport Tosha’ is a fun encyclopedia of sports for children (26 episodes/3 minutes).

Friends of Tosha and lion cub Leva want to become athletes, but have not yet decided in which sport, so they try different ones. The heroes of the series help them in this, the secrets of sports and the rules of competitions are revealed to friends by revived sports objects, and the commentators were voiced by sports journalism stars Dmitry Guberniev, Georgy Cherdantsev and Dmitry Zanin.

The authors set a goal for themselves to show children the world of sports as an amazing space of opportunities, where everyone can find a sport to their liking and strength, and victory depends on the efforts and a friendly team. In each series there are simple and accessible exercises that children can repeat right away.

In just a couple of weeks, ‘Sport Tosha’ managed to gather an audience, becoming a good friend for children during the Christmas holidays and a partner of significant public projects.
The main thing for which the project was made, according to the Yarko studio team, is to have fun involving children in sports, to create motivation for sports and a space for communication on sports topics between children and parents.

The series ‘Sport Tosha’ is one of the first series of the animation studio Yarko of the GPM KIT Group of Companies as part of the Gazprom—Media holding, created in May 2021 (currently the studio has 12 projects in work-in-progress). The series was created in partnership with the Match! TV channel.

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