“Fixies” got a licensing agency in China

The Riki Group of companies has signed a contract for the development of the Fixies brand in China with a leading promotion and licensing agency PPW (Promotional Partners Worldwide).

By 2020, the Fixies project has already achieved high popularity among the audience in this country, which gives rise to the start of a large-scale licensed program. The total number of views on Chinese VOD platforms has exceeded 13 billion. According to the results of the year, the project is in the top 25 animated series on Tencent, Youku and IQiyi. On December 19, 2020, Tencent, almost simultaneously with airing in Russia, released 13 episodes of the new, fourth season of The Fixies. Tencent not only partnered with Season 4, but also commissioned Hebei TV to create a new sci-fi game TV show for kids – Fixie Lab, which is expected to hit the platform soon.

PPW will launch large-scale licensing and branding programs in the most sought-after categories: Publishing, Creative Kits, Apparel, Cosmetics, Food. PPW singles out sets for scientific experiments as the most interesting category for this particular brand, since Fixies are perceived, first of all, as an educational project for children, reflecting a scientific view of the world.

Maya Moskvicheva, General Director of the Marmelad Media licensing agency (Riki Group of Companies): ‘We believe that close cooperation with PPW gives us an excellent opportunity to create products that are relevant to China, adapt the project and its style guides to achieve commercial success of our licensees … The educational nature of “Fixies” ideally matches the market trends, and thanks to our knowledge and experience in the PPW market, we will be able to offer our partners the best creative solutions.’

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