Who of the animals sleep in winter?

According to Svetlana Akulova, General Director of the Moscow Zoo, marmots, bears, jerboas, chipmunks, hedgehogs and dormouse are already sleeping. The last to go into hibernation was the raccoon dog Booba.

“The raccoon dog is the only canine that goes to bed for the winter. True, they do not have real hibernation, but the metabolic rate decreases by about 25%. In a thaw, raccoon dogs can wake up. And in warm winters, they usually do not sleep at all and sit in a shelter only on days of severe frosts and storms. So our Buba can wake up and go outside on warm days, ” Svetlana said.

Booba the dog is kept together with raccoons. They live very peacefully, there are no conflicts between them. Raccoons and raccoon dogs have a similar lifestyle: they are awake and sleeping at about the same time, and go into hibernation together. But this year, Booba, the raccoon dog, fell asleep a little earlier than his furry friends. For the winter, Buba went to sleep in a large house, where he usually hibernates with raccoons. Winter chambers are filled with straw to keep the animals warm and comfortable. There are several more houses on the territory. They, too, had long been prepared for hibernation. It is possible that animals will wake up and move from one house to another.

Throughout the fall, Booba ate well to prepare for winter and gain weight. Booba will return to his usual way of life in April. By this time, she will have shed her winter body fat and will again become a graceful, but still very fluffy dog.

Even in summer it is not very easy to see Booba. She is quite unsociable – she has a cool attitude towards both keepers and visitors. Comes out closer to dusk, walks at night. You can fill the entire enclosure with cameras, but during the day they will catch 95% of the striped tails and only a rare 5% will have a brown tambourine. But Booba treats his neighbors with warmth. And Penelope the raccoon generally allows you to climb on yourself during the rest.


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