‘Bugabooz’ animated series by Red Carpet Studio will undergo cognitive research

The animated series ‘Bugabooz’, produced by Red Carpet Studio, will be the first project to undergo cognitive research in the laboratory of the Saint Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI). The joint work of scientists, producers and viewers will lead to a unique experience. At the production stage, the viewer will be able to influence the plot, editing and appearance of the animated characters.

A cognitive research laboratory has been opened in SUAI . It provided new opportunities for the implementation of projects and domestic developments in the field of education, device management and audiovisual materials.

Alexey Kozulyaev, CEO and co-owner of RuFilms LLC and RuFilms Group of companies, will conduct the ‘Bugabooz’ research. RuFilms is one of the largest translation and localization companies in Russia.

The premiere of ‘Bugabooz’ animated series  is expected in October 2022.

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