‘Beardy Bodo’ animated series got almost 4 mln views on IVI

Online cinema IVI, together with the Riki Group of companies, presented a new educational animated series for children ‘Beardy Bodo’. Since  the first episode was released in December 2020, the project has collected over 3.7 million views.

A total of 25 episodes were released on the IVI online platform. The average viewing rate for an episode was 93%, which indicates the exceptional success of the new project. High results were achieved thanks to the expertise of IVI and Riki Group on the promotion of content and coverage of the IVI platform in the Russian Federation and the CIS. Thus, Riki Group has a number of successfully launched animation brands for children. IVI is a leader in the Russian market in the promotion and production of video content, including animation and family. By actively developing the family direction, IVI creates content that not only meets the needs of the audience, but also educational trends in general. ‘Beardy Bodo’ has become one of edutainment  projects, and the series  views of 3.7 million in three months testify to its success. Children can easily remember the material thanks to the game format, and parents can be calm, as the content is safe, entertaining and useful.

Ivan Grinin, content director of the online cinema IVI:

‘IVI’s own production is not limited to content for an adult audience. For the number one online cinema in Russia, the creation of entertaining educational content for children is an important and responsible step. We relied on the children’s and family audience and began to produce our own projects for children. As the results show, such content is in demand in the Russian market.

We managed to find a partner of the Riki Group of Companies, whose idea of ​​what modern children’s content should be, coincided with the values ​​and mission of IVI. We are sure that such projects for children should teach the child to think, motivate to explore the world. ‘Beardy Bodo’ successfully copes with this task. Together with IVI and ‘Beardy Bodo’ in particular, young viewers grow, develop, broaden their horizons, learn while having fun.’

Ilya Popov, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Riki Group:

‘At the stage of launching a new brand, it is very important to choose the right partnership. We are glad that our cooperation took place with the online cinema IVI. ‘Beardy Bodo’ is a unique project. It stands out noticeably in the line of edutainment brands of the Riki group of companies and the animation market as a whole. The successful start of the series and its development is a painstaking work of two big strong teams. And now we see excellent indicators of this interaction. Together with IVI, we will continue to expand the Bodo universe, where the child can learn in an entertaining way through watching a web series, books, mobile applications and educational toys.’

‘Beardy Bodo’ is a funny would-be teacher with a big beard, who in an interactive format learns the world together with young spectators.

The first season of the project is dedicated to geography. ‘I will teach you how to travel,’ says Beardy Bodo  at the beginning of each episode and together with morphs (fairy-tale characters living in the teacher’s beard) he sets out to discover new things. What things are necessary for safe travel, how not to get lost at the airport, what Veliky Novgorod is famous for – these and other issues are covered in the series.

 Olga Golubkova, head of children’s content department IVI:

‘We are delighted with the success of our new animation brand, ‘Beardy Bodo’, created jointly with Riki Group. In the first three months, he found his loyal audience. About 25 episodes are available on IVI, and views in the first months exceeded 3.7 million. For the emerging VOD market in Russia, these are very high rates, given that the animated series is available only on a paid platform and does not have support in the form of TV and YouTube shows. At the same time, interest in the project is growing every day. This dynamic shows that we managed to feel the needs of the children’s audience and offer content that fully meets them.’

IVI Kids’ mission is to provide young viewers with the opportunity to ‘develop while having fun’ in a safe environment. According to the creators, ‘Beardy Bodo’ harmoniously fits into this concept. A feature of the educational project is the approach when the teacher does not say “how much to hang in grams”, but leads children to independently search for the correct answers, which coincides with modern trends in education.

Tereshchenko Maria, creative producer Bodo, GC “Riki”:

‘The most important task for us was to create educational content of a new type, which would be close to the modern child, who extremely negatively perceives the edification and authoritarianism of the adult world. So in ‘Beardy Bodo’ we have combined absurd humor and a cognitive element, hooliganism and consistency necessary for teaching any discipline, a sense of free communication and the strict framework of any educational process. And the show’s instant success and great response from viewers are the best proof that we were able to meet these challenges.’

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